Donald Ross Wins Again


WOW! What a golf course Sara Bay is. If you’ve never had the opportunity to play a Donald Ross designed course, then let me just tell you, his favorite thing to do is make a green like a big upside down bowl. There are very few flat spots. The greens are also huge so there were quite a few times I had a 40ft putt or more, and they are not easy two putts. With the pins where they were this week, it’s even possible to putt off the green… believe me I did it this week! Haha. You only have to hit the putt 4ft too hard and you’ll be chipping again. Just crazy.

My host family are members, and the first year I played at Sara Bay, their biggest piece of advice was don’t go over the green. They were not wrong about that. You’d think after a few years, I’d have that drilled in by now! Almost all the greens slope severely at the back of the green. You’re very unlikely to get up and down from past the pin, and the chances are relatively high that, you could end up off the front of the green again. So if you were following the live scoring this week, this will hopefully give you a little insight as to why the scores were so high. On top of that, it was really windy the first day with gusts up to 30mph. It was pretty windy Saturday and Sunday too, it just didn’t seem so bad after day 1.

So needless to say, the course kicked everyone’s butt this week. For the winner to finish level par after 3 rounds says a lot about Sara Bay, Donald Ross, and the conditions this week. Although, it’s fun to play a challenging course every once in a while, I’m looking forward to playing the Links at Stoney Point where there should hopefully be a few more birdie opportunities!

After my first 3 weeks back on Tour, I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes golf is just hard. No reason why this is the case, it just is. I’m working harder than ever, both physically and mentally, I feel great during practice rounds, and I feel like I make good swings while I’m competing, but I can’t help but think the ball has a mind of it’s own. Sometimes I look up after hitting a shot and think to myself, and occasionally out loud, ‘where on earth is that going?’ Obviously this is extremely frustrating at times, but my coach is just reminding me that it’s golf, and I’ve just got to keep riding the waves. There will always be up and downs that we can’t control, it’s how we handle them that’s more important. Although my frustration has got the best of me after a few rounds, overall, I’m really happy with the start to my season. 2 of out 3 cuts made with my game being a little rusty is nothing to complain about.

We have a week off this week, and I know what I need to work on… Short game, short game, short game! We always say it, but it is definitely true. However, my first priority will be sleep and rest. Our brains and bodies go through a lot of stress in a 3 week stretch, so it’s going to be important to recharge before I start getting ready for the next stretch of events.

This time next week I will be writing my blog from Greenwood. See you all soon!