Start of the 2018 Season

Hi everyone,


Well this week didn't quite go as well as last year! As disappointed as I am, I've had time to analyze the week and I feel overall, I played pretty well. I think it's important for me to keep things in perspective after everything I've been through last year. It's been exactly a year since my back injury started and I've only just been pain free in the last month or so. So with keeping that in mind, I can't be too hard on myself for missing the cut by 3. I hit a lot of good shots, I just had some rusty shots, and also a few penalty shots which isn't like me normally. My swing isn't 100% yet, but I feel in the last few years I've really learnt how to play golf no matter what game I have that day. My short game was reasonable, just needs a little fine tuning. I've now got some time to practice and get things sharpened up for a week before heading out to California.

When I'm out there I'm going to work with my coach Alison, which I'm really looking forward to. I haven't seen her for over 18 months, and a lot of what we've worked on is mental and done via phone calls or Skype. So it'll be great to work with her in person and get some things straightened out before the season gets fully underway. 

Please do what you can in donating on my gofundme fundraising page for my trip to California. I'm almost 1/3 of the way there and every little bit helps, so please donate what you can Thank you to everyone who has already donated so far!